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 I am a former Marine Combat Engineer. I got out of the corps in November of 20011. I am now living in San Diego, California working as a model and actor. I am seemingly the only country guy in the area but still love the place. I am taking my life one step at a time towards a bigger better me. I will be starting college this fall. I will be studying culinary arts during my time there and hope to get a degree in business later on. I am generally a laid back guy. I have had my share of relationships and have been engaged twice. I am currently single if that says anything. I am not looking for long term so that I can focus on my life and where I am going.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Been a bit

 My apologies for not writing in a while. The new job has me working late six days a week. So what's new in my life? Let me tell you! I outed myself to my co-workers. Not sure why I decided to do that but went along with it anyways. They were more than surprised however. One of them telling me that that was the one thing he thought I was not. I want to know what he thought I was! LOL. I am probably the worst homosexual ever though. To let you all know what kind of "gay" I am, here is a list: I know very few show tunes; I do not have a lisp; I don't have a limp wrist; I absolutely love country music; I enjoy slaying zombies; I prefer a Bud Light over a Cosmo; I am comfortable with using the word "faggot" or "fag" in excess; I do NOT do glitter; I prefer a good bar over a dance club; I believe that if unicorns were to exist, they were meant for women, not men; I do NOT believe that rainbows symbolize who I am, ect.
 Now to be perfectly clear with a few things: I do have a pretty decent taste in clothing, interior decor, and men; I do listen to Lady Gaga on occasion; I might be a beer guy, but I will enjoy a fruity drink once in a while; I DO support gay marriage; I am an activist; I do hope to have a husband and children one day; I plan to march in Gay Pride, ect.
 So I guess I am a balanced gay? I have heard from other men that to be "straight acting" is to be a fake. I am "straight acting" because that is all I know. I was raised in a christian, home-schooled household. I am a military brat and was raised in the South. I joined the U.S. Marine Corps soon after graduating high school. And now I am in one of the gayest cities in the world. Welcome to San Diego.
 The vast majority of the gay populace are feminine queens for lack of a better word. And for what I am about to say, please do not get offended. The guys out here cry glitter, piss rainbows, and shit unicorns. Yes, I do not do the above. "You are a hater!" one might say about me. No, sir. I am "ME" and I am proud of it. I accept  everyone for who they are and who they try to be. If everyone in San Diego wants to look and act like Lady Gaga, then so be it. I will accept you and even throw down a beer with you! Just don't expect me to dance in the glitter and shimmery lights.

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