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 I am a former Marine Combat Engineer. I got out of the corps in November of 20011. I am now living in San Diego, California working as a model and actor. I am seemingly the only country guy in the area but still love the place. I am taking my life one step at a time towards a bigger better me. I will be starting college this fall. I will be studying culinary arts during my time there and hope to get a degree in business later on. I am generally a laid back guy. I have had my share of relationships and have been engaged twice. I am currently single if that says anything. I am not looking for long term so that I can focus on my life and where I am going.

Friday, April 20, 2012


 To start off, I am letting you know a little about my past. I was born in South Korea and adopted twice, home-schooled, moved from place to place(military brat) joined the Marine Corps, and have a rough (but getting better) relationship with the family. Oh yeah....I am gay. That about sums it up! I am an aspiring model now living in San Diego, CA. I live with my amazing roommate and stupid (yet adorable) dog.  For security reasons, I will be referring to my roommate as "Queen Bee". The dog's name is Chewy just FYI.
 Just to let ya'll know what my blog will contain....well to put simply, a lot of randomness in my adventure that I call life! I will be trying to blog at least once or twice a week.
 I just moved into a cozy and spacious apartment that I absolutely love! My kitchen is perfect for the glorious meals that Queen Bee and I cook. BTW, our food is to die for! Seriously! Chewy has adjusted amazingly well and has plenty of room for his random stupidness. I don't think he has decided which room he enjoys relaxing in yet though. LOL.
 I am actively searching for a steady job which is going incredibly slow. Gotta love today's economy! I am trying to get my name out there as a model. Kinda taking a lot longer than I had hoped though. I am also an aspiring gay porn-star. I just recently stopped playing the keyboard for a nearby church but might be playing again for another church. And yes, you did read that right! I donate plasma regularly. It is quite annoying though. I do love the movies they play though!
 Anyways, that is about all you need to know about the who I am and what I do for now. Going on about today, Queen Bee and I decided to go to Walmart to grab a silver-ware seperater and some rubber mats for the shelves in the kitchen. I am not sure if it is just our opinion or if others feel the same way, but we believe that Walmart has devilishly placed everything in random places to get buyers to spend more money on things they may or may not need. We go in with two items on our minds. We come out with about twenty... Gotta love it.
 Do you believe in Hungry Shopping? We do! Hungry shopping is similar to the above rant about Walmart. This happens when you go grocery shopping and then that evil monster, "Hunger", sneaks up on you and makes you buy all the yummy food you happen to pass by. Evil I say! Evil! The worst part is that it gets you when you least expect it! But the end rewards are always nice because when you get back home and you find out that that hunger you felt earlier is no longer there, you have all this awesome food for later!
 Earlier I mentioned how well Chewy was adjusting to the new apartment. Well as it turns out, we have a new schedule for his walks and outings. So now, he retaliates by showing his immense affection for us by leaving us presents on the carpet. He likes leaving the gift either in the bathroom or right outside of it. I am hoping that he gets used to the schedule really soon because his gifts of affection have this odor see.....LOL.
 Well that I think is enough randomness for today. Until the next adventure!

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